Oksana Yakushko

Oksana Yakushko

Oksana Yakushko

Professor of Clinical Psychology, Program Director


Oksana Yakushko, Ph.D., ABPP is a licensed clinical psychologist and certified psychoanalyst. She is a published scholar, consultant and educator in areas related to immigration, the history of psychology, contemporary psychoanalysis, intergenerational dynamics and trauma. She is an author of over 80 peer-reviewed scholarly publications, including articles, special issues, books and book chapters. She received numerous awards for her contributions to psychology, including recent awards for her work in global psychology, research and leadership in the psychology of women.

Dr. Yakushko serves on boards of several scholarly journals and foundations. She is actively working with Ukrainian professional and lay community in Ukraine and abroad, including in collaborations with the National Psychological Association of Ukraine, Ukrainian mental health organizations, UN-based social services groups, US-AID projects, international foundations and cultural projects. Dr. Yakushko joined the GW Columbian College's Professional Psychology Program in summer 2024. 

Contemporary Psychoanalysis, National Training in Psychoanalysis, National Institute of Psychotherapies, New York City, NY, 2021
Ph.D., Counseling Psychology, doctoral minor in Women and Gender Studies, University of Missouri, Columbia, 2004
M.S. Edu, Counseling Psychology, University of Kentucky, 1999
B.A., History, Biola University, 1995

District of Columbia, Psychologist (Summer 2024-present)
California, Psychologist (2010 – present)
American Board of Professional Psychology (ABPP), Psychoanalytic and Psychodynamic Psychology with Subspeciality in Psychoanalysis (2023-present)

Jean Lou-Chin International Scholar Award, Division 52, International Psychology, APA, 2023
Distinguished Scholar Award, Division 39, Psychoanalytic Psychology, APA, 2023
Leadership Award, Women in Psychology of the American Psychological Association, 2021
Woman of the Year Award, Section for the Advancement of Women, Division 17, 2018

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