A GW Professional Psychology seminar



Evaluation of Applications

The Admissions Committee evaluates applicants on a number of factors:

  • Academic performance
  • Strength of recommendations
  • Clinical experience/interest
  • Prior professional work experience
  • Integrity, motivation, maturity, professionalism, and personal ethics
  • Undergraduate and/or graduate coursework in psychology and a statistics course



If your application is rated as being a good fit for our program, you will be invited to attend an applicant orientation and interview with faculty.


Acceptance of Admission

The program director will notify you of your application status via email. You will subsequently be asked to respond by email and postal mail to an admission letter from the graduate dean.


Wait List

Due to the competitive nature of our applicants and limited number of acceptances offered per year, you may be placed on a wait list. You will be notified via email or telephone of your status from the program director.


Transfer Credit

On a case-by-case basis, students may receive approval for up to 27 graduate transfer credits. Previously earned graduate credits in standardized core content areas (e.g., statistics, research methods, biological bases) are more likely to be approved than program-specific clinical courses. Due to carefully sequenced clinical training, students with transfer credits will not be able to reduce the overall number of semesters of required training.

Transfer credits are not reviewed prior to program admission. Transfer credits of admitted students are approved by the program after review by the student’s advisor and the instructor of the relevant course. Incoming students should petition their advisors for such credits early in their first semester. Approval of a large number of credit hours in transfer credits, i.e., approaching 27 credits, is likely to occur only in cases of previously earned doctoral degrees.