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The Center Clinic offers a variety of affordable treatment options to individuals in the community. We ask that all of our patients, both new and existing, adhere to our appointment procedures and fee policies so that we are able to approach your treatment safely and effectively.

In the Center Clinic, we believe that receiving appropriate treatment should not be a financial burden. We provide services at an affordable, reduced fee on a sliding scale based on income. Additional fee reductions are considered for individuals in multiple treatments (for example, individual and group therapy) or whose treatment recommendations include attending sessions more than one time per week.

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Payment Options

The treating clinician provides the patient with a monthly bill at the end of each month. Payment is due within two weeks via check or the exact amount in cash (we cannot provide change). We do not accept money orders or credit cards.

Fees can be discussed with your treating therapist at any point during treatment. Late payments and payment plans are discussed individually with your treating clinician. 

If mailing a payment, please include a copy of the bill with your submission. This will ensure that your payment is promptly processed and accurately credited. Please make all checks payable to "The George Washington University."



We do not accept insurance. The fee per session provided by the Center Clinic is typically lower than many insurance co-pays. Some patients, however, may arrange to submit claims to their insurance providers in order to seek some reimbursement. As insurance providers vary in what they will provide coverage for, please contact your provider for more information.


Collecting Assessment Fees

Half of the total amount of the assessment is due to the evaluator at the time of the first testing session. The remaining fee will be paid upon completion of the assessment; assessments end with a session offering feedback of the results.



The Center Clinic has a 24-hour cancellation policy. Payment will be required for cancellations not made 24 hours in advance. Clients are welcome to reschedule appointments in advance at no charge.