Helen DeVinney

Adjunct Professor of Clinical Psychology
Address: Old Main

Came to the GW PsyD program from a diverse background. With undergraduate degrees in English and Classical Studies and graduate degrees in Education and English, Helen realized while working on her doctoral degree in English that the gender, race, and social theory she was studying were theories she wanted an opportunity to engage with in a hands-on (as opposed to abstract) way. Practicing psychodynamic psychotherapy has provided Helen with an opportunity to use her diverse background while helping people to understand and explore how aspects of early childhood, race, gender, sexuality, and culture have informed their lives and affected the ways that they relate to the world. In her work as a clinician she works with adults, individually and in groups, who have a variety of presenting problems. Although Helen often gravitates toward self-psychology and attachment theory when understanding a patent's presenting issues, Helen has found it useful and necessary to be flexible in her theoretical orientation as well as in her intervention techniques.