Richard Ruth, Ph.D.

Emeritus Professor of Clinical Psychology
Suite 100
[email protected]

Dr. Ruth’s training and professional work spans clinical psychology, neuropsychology, health psychology, family therapy, and psychoanalysis.  His research and scholarly work has focused in the areas of cross-cultural psychological assessment and psychotherapy, disability, trauma, LGBT issues, forensic clinical psychology, psychology ethics, and the intersection between psychology and religion/spirituality.  In the PsyD program, he is co-chair of the child and adolescent track, supervises individual and family therapy and psychological assessment in the Center Clinic, co-leads a research team, and supervises student research.   Dr. Ruth is also a core faculty member in GW’s interdisciplinary LGBT Health Policy and Practice graduate certificate program.  Outside of GW, he is a supervisor, faculty member, and steering committee member with the postgraduate Child and Adolescent Psychotherapy Program at the Washington School of Psychiatry, and a supervisor and instructor with the China American Psychoanalytic Alliance. Dr. Ruth is bilingual in Spanish and bicultural.


Private practice:

Formerly held positions in community mental health clinics and in interdisciplinary research settings. Formerly on the staff of Chestnut Lodge Hospital/CPC Health.



Faculty member, supervisor, and steering committee member with the Child and Adolescent Psychotherapy Program, Washington School of Psychiatry

Current Research

Cross-cultural assessment/treatment; disability; trauma; child/adolescent assessment/treatment; LGBT issues; intersection between clinical psychology and religion/spirituality.


B.A., New School for Social Research
M.A., Ferkauf Graduate School of Psychology, Yeshiva University
Ph.D., Ferkauf Graduate School of Psychology, Yeshiva University
Post-graduate training in psychoanalysis, neuropsychology, family therapy

Classes Taught

Psychotherapy and assessment practica

Cross-Cultural Clinical Psychology

History and Systems of Psychology

Ethics and Professional Issues