Planning for Internships

The application process for a required one year (i.e., twelve months), full-time internship (or a two year internship, each year at least half time) at an institution approved by the program faculty is normally begun after comprehensive exams, early in the third year of full-time study. An orientation to the internship application process is presented each fall for students who will be applying for internship that year.

Required prerequisites to apply for internship

In order to apply for internship, the comprehensive examination must have been successfully passed, a MAP proposal approved, all clinical requirements satisfactorily completed, and the student may not have any grades of incomplete. Upon completion of these academic and clinical requirements, a certification of readiness for internship will be filed by the Director of the Professional Psychology Program. All students applying for internship must e-mail the Professional Psychology Program Director per APPIC instructions for such certification which the Director will file electronically. Letters of recommendation also must be filed electronically. Give early reminders to your supervisors and others whom you wish to write letters about this process. There are no exceptions to materials being filed electronically. In the case of the Program Director, if you are seeking certification (which you must) and a letter of recommendation, two separate and electronic requests must be made.  

Students looking for information about particular internship sites should consult the Association of Psychology Postdoctoral and Internship Center's (APPIC) frequently updated and very useful internship web page.


The Internship application is a very time-sensitive process with fixed application deadlines; the following is a brief outline designed to focus on some of the more important features. Students should familiarize themselves thoroughly with the APPIC web site and online Directory. It is “the” source for internship sites to which our students may apply. In keeping with APA accreditation requirements, students must participate in the matching program to seek an APPIC-listed internship. Some suggestions for beginning the application process follow:

  1. In the late spring and summer of the second year, begin thinking about the places where you might like to apply and the people who you would like to ask to write letters of recommendation for you. Most sites request letters of recommendation from three people familiar with your work (the applications state specific site requirements).   
  2. Consider downloading a copy of the most recent Internship List from the APPIC Web Site [there is a link to APPIC on our program web page] and looking at the descriptions.   
  3. Keep track of all the clinical hours you do, including direct therapy, supervision, clinical records/reports, practicum seminars, and assessment reports, etc.   
  4. Update your curriculum vitae, with advice from Internship Coordinators and your advisor.
  5. Complete all clinical requirements (see Clinical Requirements List).
  6. Attend an orientation meeting in the early fall designed to focus attention on the application process and provide basic information. Talk to as many people as you can (faculty, previous and current interns, our younger clinical faculty recently graduated from  internships, etc.). Meet amongst yourselves to discuss any difficulties you may share concerning the procedures involved in applying. Check with the Executive Assistant or Drs. Ingraham or Viola about any data requested by the APPIC application form that she/they may be able to provide.
  7. Applications are filed electronically at a time determined by APPIC. Please make sure you are cognizant of the timelines posted on the APPIC web site.

Match Days

Applicants will be informed as to whether they have matched in February for Phase I. If one does not match in Phase I, there is a Phase II to which unmatched students must apply. Following are two web sites that may be of help to you as you prepare for internship: