Planning for Externships

The program administrative office keeper have an updated externship book where you will find information on the approved sites and their individual application requirements, and application due dates. To assist in continuity of care in the Clinic, you are required to inform the Associate Clinic Director of your plans to obtain a third year extramural internship. This notice should reach the Clinic Director at least three months prior to your departure from the Clinic.

Most externship sites require two-to-three letters of recommendation. Careful consideration should be given to this piece of your application, and equally careful consideration should be given to the people you ask for these letters. Give your recommenders enough time to respond to your request.

Most sites in the area offer externships that adhere to the APPIC guidelines.  In particular, most externships are offered on a specific day and at a specific time.  It is your responsibility to inform yourselves about this information. Also, there are local rules developed by area-wide Clinical Programs. Externships should not exceed sixteen (16) hours per week and there must be one hour of supervision for every three clinical contact hours.

Our program and university requires that we enter into a formal externship Affiliation Agreement with each extramural externship and affiliate site. So that this procedure occurs in a timely fashion, please inform the Program Executive Assistant as soon as you have accepted an externship so that the process can be initiated well in advance of the beginning of your externship.

Once you have accepted an externship, you are no longer eligible to see patients in the Clinic. However, you will be required to attend a third year Practicum. You will also not be required to attend Clinic Team Meetings. The externship you accept will provide you with the remainder of your clinical training other than that of your regular academic requirements. If you have questions or concerns about this, please direct your inquiries and comments to the Clinic Director.

As an extramural extern, you are required to enroll in a for credit practicum within the program.