Partnerships with Other Agencies

In their second year, in addition to providing services through the Center Clinic, our students work at agencies throughout the region to provide psychological services and support.

Affiliate Sites are schools or community agencies with which the Clinic enters into a partnership. There are three types of settings: child, adult, and testing. It is generally expected that externs will spend 4-6 hours at their Affiliate Site. These numbers, however, vary by site. In general, externs should have 2-3 psychotherapy hours and 2-3 hours for administrative requirements and/or team meetings at the site. Rising second-year students are matched to an Affiliate Site. The start and end dates vary by site and should be reviewed and clarified with the site contact in advance. Generally, rising third-year externs are given preference in terms of their AFL placement. Externs are asked to evaluate their AFL toward the end of their year of training at the site.

Affiliated sites include:

  • Anchor Mental Health
  • Bright Beginnings
  • Cardozo High School
  • College Learning Solutions
  • DC Superior Courts Child Guidance
  • DC Superior Courts Parent Guidance
  • Harrison House
  • Holy Trinity School
  • Ingleside at Rock Creek
  • Joseph Gorin and Associates
  • Jubilee Jumpstart
  • The Landon School
  • Linkages to Learning
  • The Lourie Center
  • Maya Angelou Public Charter School
  • Mazique Parent and Child Center
  • New Endeavors by Women
  • New Expectations
  • Northwood High School Wellness Center
  • Oyster Bilingual Elementary School
  • Parkmont School
  • Rajiv Warrier and Associates
  • St. Ann’s Infant and Maternity Home
  • Suburban Hospital
  • T.C. Williams School
  • UDC Student Counseling Center
  • Veterans Administration
  • Washington Home
  • Washington School of Psychiatry
  • Whitman Walker/Austen Center
  • Woodrow Wilson High School