Local Resources

Other Local Universities: WRLC and ALADIN

The George Washington University’s Gelman Library is part of the Washington Research Library Consortium (WRLC). The Consortium is a cooperative effort among a number of local academic institutions, including American University, Catholic University, Gallaudet University, George Mason University, Marymount University, and University of the District of Columbia. The Consortium allows PsyD students to borrow books and journals from any member library. Students can do this online and requested materials will be sent to the Gelman Library circulation desk and held there for the student to pick up. 

The Consortium has developed ALADIN, a powerful electronic search tool through which PsyD students can perform a single search of the holdings of all consortium libraries, including Gelman Library. ALADIN also provides students with access to a variety of other searchable electronic databases. For example, PsyD students will find PsycINFO, which contains references and abstracts from almost all psychologically oriented periodicals and journals, to be particularly useful. Enrolled PsyD students have 24-hour access to ALADIN from their home computers, and students may also use on-campus computing facilities to access ALADIN.

Other Research Resources in the DC Area. 

In the event that PsyD students require library resources not available through on-campus facilities, they have access to two major government resources in the local area: The National Library of Medicine and The Library of Congress.