Professional Psychology Program students gather with clinical and program faculty to attend a colloquium series. Colloquia are held twice per year to provide a forum in which respected speakers present and discuss issues with members of our community. Colloquium topics have been wide-ranging, from the "nuts and bolts" aspects of psychological practice to presentations of theoretical concepts and research.

Past presenters and topics have included:

  • "The Mental Health System: Implications for Graduate Students"
  • "Abuse in Clinical Practice: Reporting Laws and False Memory"
  • "Reconceptualization of Psychotherapeutic Treatment for Gay and Lesbian Patients"
  • “Ethical Practice and Quality Assurance Issues,” "Terrorism: The New Peril”, and “What is Evidence-Based Treatment…?”
  • “Cognitive Test Performance in African American and Hispanic Elders”
  • “Key Competencies of a Psychodynamic Therapist: How to Teach Them in Supervision”
  • “State of Confusion: Political Manipulation and the Assault on the American Mind”
  • "Connecting the Clinic, Library, and the Lab: Psychodynamic Psychology of the 21st Century”