Becoming a Patient at the Center Clinic

1. Schedule an Intake

Call the intake line at 202-994-4937 to schedule an appointment. One of our staff will be available to answer calls and return messages at select times Mondays through Thursdays. (Please listen to our voicemail greeting for the current available times.) If you receive a recording you may leave a message and we will return your call during the next shift.

Intake appointments are conducted during the hours of 8:30 AM - 4PM Monday-Thursday based on your shared availability with our clinicians. Individuals with work-related obligations are encouraged to take a “doctors hour” or an extended lunch break for the initial appointment.

2. Preparing for Intake

In preparation for your intake, it is likely that the staff member you speak with via the initial phone interview will ask you specific questions about the nature of your call. In preparation for your intake, it will be helpful to you and your interview to answer the following questions:

  • “With what specific difficulties am I currently struggling?” Be as specific and descriptive about your symptoms as possible.
  • What recent event(s) led up to these difficulties?          
  • “Why have I chosen to seek help at this time? What makes this time different than previous times?” For some, these concerns may have been an issue for a long time. You may even have sought help before. It’s still important to consider why you are choosing to seek help now.
  • “What do I hope to get out of treatment?”

Please arrive for your intake early or at the scheduled time. This will allow you to complete the necessary paperwork, leaving adequate time for the intake coordinator to meet with you and get a comprehensive understanding of your needs. It is highly recommended that you arrive early. Individuals who arrive after the scheduled time may be asked to return another day to complete the intake.

Please bring a personal check or exact change which will be collected at the time of your intake evaluation. Sorry, we cannot make change. Please make checks payable to The Center Clinic.

3. The Intake

Your intake evaluation will last approximately 65 minutes. The purpose of the intake is to gather information about what brings you into the Clinic at this time and other pertinent information related to your current situation. As a training clinic, it is likely that your intake will be observed by a staff member or training clinician. Anyone observing your intake will still be held to strict confidentiality standards, which will be explained to you when you meet with your intake coordinator.

4. Recommendations

Once the intake is completed, your intake clinician will consult with the clinic staff and a “team” to provide treatment recommendations. Depending on your needs, recommendations may include treatment here at the Center Clinic, and/or another treatment center or provider that may be better suited to meet your specific needs. Recommendations in the Clinic may include one or more of the following: individual therapy, group therapy, psychiatric consultation, case management, and/or a psychological evaluation. Most new patients are referred for a comprehensive psychological evaluation (please click here to learn more) so we can better understand your treatment needs.

Your intake coordinator will contact you in 5-7 days following the intake to provide recommendations. If the Center Clinic is not the most appropriate treatment option for you, your intake clinician will provide more appropriate recommendations to other agencies.

5. Assignment or Referrals

If the Center Clinic is determined as the best place to meet your treatment needs, then your intake clinician will provide you with the Clinic’s recommendations and the name of your therapist and/or evaluator. Your therapist and/or evaluator will contact you shortly to arrange a meeting time. All therapists and evaluators are assigned based on availability. While we are open to hearing your preferences for therapists, we may not be able to meet your request.

We are not best suited to serve: those in need of continued inpatient care; those involved in legal issues; those in need of consultation for educational planning (e.g. learning disability accommodations); or those whose primary struggles are with substance misuse, abuse, or dependency.

If you require further information or assistance, please call the intake line at 202-994-4937 and a staff member will return your call shortly.